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Invisible Wireless Charging

Interested to discover how your smart home, venue or business can benefit from innovative wireless charging power?

Invisible Wireless Charger
Long Range Wireless Charger _ Mastercharge Invisible _ Wireless Charger

Speed & Safety

Mastercharge Invisible® offers an outstanding and safe wireless fast charge, protecting you and your battery.

Long Range Wireless Charger _ Mastercharge Invisible _ Wireless Charger

Going The Distance

Our long-distance wireless charger can wirelessly charge up to a breathtaking 30mm* in the distance.
*Some devices may require a booster sticker.

Long Range Wireless Charger _ Mastercharge Invisible _ Wireless Charger

Health & Hygiene

An under-desk wireless charger offers the significant advantage of providing easy-to-clean, flat surfaces, and our invisible wireless charger is the best in its class.

Long Range Wireless Charger _ Mastercharge Invisible _ Wireless Charger

Painless Install

Install your invisible wireless charger in less than 5 minutes.

See the install video.

Explore QI wireless charging-enabled devices.

Our under-desk charger is wirelessly compatible with 1000s of top brands.

Embrace wireless charging, supported by leading brands. Mastercharge Invisible® offers broad compatibility with current and future devices that utilize QI wireless charging technology. Our under-desk wireless charger effortlessly supports speakers, headphones, toothbrushes, shavers, remote controls, trainers, and more. Experience the convenience of compatibility by clicking the "Check Compatibility" button below.

Check Compatibility

Which devices support QI wireless charging
Worktop Wireless Charger

Bring your home into the future.

Welcome magic into your home: add some extra bedside power, or bring convenient, invisible wireless charging into every room. Easy to install anywhere.

Wireless Charging For Business

Boost your business.

Provide your customers with a top-tier invisible charging solution and enhance their experience with effortless interaction. Seamlessly navigate customers to apps, websites, or menus, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

For Your Home. For Your Business.

Infinite Possibilities

Infinite Possibilities

Envision a clean and organized surface where you can confidently charge all your favourite devices hassle-free.

A focal point in your home, venue or office, where you and your guests could be guaranteed a fast and stable charge boost.

Experience the convenience and sustainability of this cutting-edge charging solution, poised to empower your future endeavours.

S Series

Designed specifically for businesses, hospitality venues, and educational institutions, our wide range of online and offline power bank charging stations provides comprehensive solutions.

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Business Branded Powerbanks
Mastercharge S8000

Complete Charging,
On The Go

Elevate your business with the all-in-one versatility of the Mastercharge S8000. With its stylish brushed aluminium design and user-friendly single-plug charging base capable of accommodating up to 8 power banks, this power bank offers efficient charging capabilities and seamless convenience. Experience streamlined operations with the S8000, ensuring a sleek and secure charging experience for your devices. Trust the Mastercharge S8000 to power your business and stay connected wherever you go..

5-in-1 Charging Options

Anti-Theft Design

Custom Branding


Experience the ultimate convenience and modernization for charging your devices in any space.

Whether you're enhancing your home, designing a captivating client space, or integrating intelligent charging solutions into your project, Invisible Wireless Charging provides an array of exciting options.

* Branded power banks and power bank docks extend your possibilities further.

* We offer tailored solutions and customized wiring options for your renovations and projects.

* You can even request customised charging solutions built into attractive furniture by our specialist furnishing partners.

Get in touch with our team and discover the possibilities available with Mastercharge.

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