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Our mission is to not only provide complete charging convenience but to do absolutely everything we can to reduce our carbon foot print. We make sure that our Mastercharge product prototypes at design stage are made from PLA plastics that are being pulled from the ocean, we will offset each kilogram of plastic used to used to become plastic neutral. Supporting large organisations and helping fund collectors to remove plastic from our oceans. 
Plastic Wave
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    Work Experience 2004

    04/2004 - Humble Beginnings

    Daniel Jenkins started his technology journey with work experience for a small independent mobile phone shop in Wiltshire mostly being delegated to making the teas and coffees and dusting mobile phone accessories. He very quickly realised that he enjoyed finding out customers’ needs and supporting them to find the right technology to suit each individual. This evolved to Daniel being offered a full-time position as a Sales Advisor at the age of 17 years old, after being top salesman from just working two days a week.

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    + Five Years 08/2009

    16/08/2009 - Trained By The Best

    Five years later, after much training and with an increasing understanding of the technology world, a position was offered to Daniel by Vodafone UK to join the UK’s most valuable brand, as an Assistant Sales Manager. An opportunity then presented itself to join Vodafone’s flagship store in Harrods (Knightsbridge, London). Within six months of moving to London, talent was recognised and he was put on a fast track management programme within Harrods, where he soon became a floor manager of the technology department. During his time working for Harrods, Daniel was awarded several certifications for completing a series of programmes - delivered by Harrods, who pride themselves on the highest level of customer service. Shortly after being recognised by Michael Ward, director of Harrods, for his level of service, Daniel had to leave London due to his father being involved in a near-fatal car crash.

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    Mastercharge Begins 02/2013

    01/02/2013 - That 30 Hour Flight

    With absolutely no money, but a fantastic idea, Mastercharge began its journey. Starting with a trip to the Far East, Mastercharge had to stop in Moscow, Russia for 15 hours, because at the time, a direct flight was well and truly out of budget. Once they arrived, Mastercharge began working with senior engineers and technicians to begin to develop Mastercharge Invisible® - the world’s first invisible wireless charger that offers power everywhere, without the need for exact placement.

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    Complete. Charging. Convenience. 10/2018

    15/10/2018 - Patent Filed

    After many prototypes, three years later, Mastercharge have had a major breakthrough in technology and have since gone on to develop a range of patented wireless charging solutions: bringing to market ‘Complete. Charging. Convenience’. Mastercharge are proud to offer a continuously growing range of products: including triple-charging power banks and the ‘one fits all’ charging cable.

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    Packaging U-Turn 01/2019

    01/01/2019 - ECO-Friendly

    From day one, Mastercharge have been passionate about the world we live in and do everything possible to reduce our carbon footprint. From beginning to end, PLA plastic, that has been pulled from the ocean, is used to make prototypes. Additionally, Mastercharge use the most environmentally-friendly packaging for all products.

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    Plastic Oceans Foundation® 04/2019

    17/04/2019 - Giving Back.

    We are proud to work with, and donate quarterly to, Plastic Oceans Foundation®, who are working to change the world’s attitude through informing, inspiring and offering insight on the issue of plastic pollution. To find out more about this programme, please click here.

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    Nominated For Innovation Of The Year 2019

    04/2019 - Innovation Awards

    Mastercharge have been nominated for innovation of the year awards. This will be taken place at London Excel in November 2019. Come and see it would be great to meet you.

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