About Us

About Mastercharge

Our Mission

All electronic devices require a charge. But this creates a huge problem.

Annually, an estimated 51,000 tonnes of cable and charger e-waste find their way into landfills, propelled by the vast global smartphone user base of over 3.5 billion. Alarmingly, only 12.5% of this waste is recycled.

That’s not acceptable — and it’s time for change.

Mastercharge has reinvented charging so we can all get the best from living in a connected world. We call our solution Mastercharge Invisible.

Co-Founder Paul Guest stated, "We are revolutionizing electronics charging to ensure a greener future, promote a cable-free environment, and enhance mental well-being. Take a break from constant connectivity by relying on Mastercharge, the international charging standard."

Who are we?

Mastercharge is an innovative electronics company dedicated to redefining the recharge experience for a greener planet. We are renowned for our Invisible® hygienic charging solutions, which cater to both smart homes and the commercial sector.

The Story

Nokia Back QI Wireless Charging 2012

In 2012, Nokia revolutionized smartphone charging with the Nokia Lumia 920, which introduced QI wireless charging.

Mastercharge Begin R&D With A Focus On Invisible Charging 2013

Founder Daniel Jenkins first witnessed wireless charging whilst working in the technology department of Harrods, London and began working with a team of experts to understand the limitations of wireless charging technologies.

Apple Back QI Wireless Charging 2017

The world's attention turned to wireless charging when Apple surprised everyone with the announcement of their first device supporting QI wireless charging.

Mastercharge Invisible® Trademarked 2018

Having worked tirelessly to comprehend long-range wireless charging and establish a search trend, "Invisible Wireless Charging," which helps educate our audience, we deemed it appropriate to trademark Mastercharge Invisible®.

    The Vision

    We strive to minimize reliance on unsanitary cords and establish an international charging standard that reduces cable waste in landfills. With our groundbreaking innovation and automation, we aim to reconnect the world and enhance your home or business.