10 Power Banks For Business | Charging Solutions For Businesses

10 Power Banks For Business | Charging Solutions For Businesses


  • Wireless charging
  • Charges 97% of portable devices
  • Anti-theft
  • Charge up to 10 sticks simultaneously
  • Increase average spend per customer
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Boost positive online reviews
  • Gain national visibility through MasterMap
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Improve your customer experience and satisfaction, boosting positive online reviews of your business, with the help of Mastercharge.

Offer a personal device charging facility to all customers, without the need for a mains supply. Increase the duration and regularity of visits from your customers by offering onsite device charging.

Drive your organic social media interactions with customers forward, as well as increasing your online visibility through MasterMap, which uses Google Maps technology to help direct customers to their nearest Mastercharge Lite station. Being included on the MasterMap is optional, but is offered for free to all customers who purchase a Mastercharge Lite unit.

Mastercharge uses a lightweight, portable LG lithium-battery powered charger. One Mastercharge Lite stick has the capability to charge all portable devices offering a built-in cable supporting: micro-usb, usb c and lightning, as well as any other usb supported device. All cables are MFI certified for Apple iPhone and iPad.

Each Mastercharge Lite stick features four blue LED lights to indicate the amount of battery power remaining. Each light represents 25% of power. With an anti-theft system available on Mastercharge Lite, you can program the range acceptance for each stick; an alarm will be triggered if taken out of range. Every individual stick becomes unusable without the docking station to recharge.

The sleek design of Mastercharge allows you to charge up to 10 sticks simultaneously on the docking station. This wireless charging feature means that you will only need one charging cable to charge all 10 sticks.

By putting Mastercharge Lite in your customers’ hands and not your own, remove the liability and risk of your customers’ personal devices being lost or stolen, whilst on your premises.


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