Event Hire

Offer convenient powerbank charging to your attendees, hire our hassle-free mobile charging station for your event.

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Bring Mastercharge and their 25 years of experience to your event and we will manage everything from -

Delivery & Instalation

The specialist installation team have all the PPE and logistical experience you need.

Stunning HD Display

Suitable for videos and images. Display event information, showcase sponsors upload videos or serve advertisements. The options for high-definition content are endless.

Machine Monitoring & Support

We can monitor and support you with the charging station over the air, so everything can be handled remotely, If you require personnel on-site this can be arranged.

Hire a charging station or recharge bar.

Bring Mastercharge and our years of experiene in showfloor and coporate events to your guests. Meet the power needs of your guests’ devices with the simplest and most efficient end-to-end powerbank charging system. With fully customisable options including monetisation, free mode, data tracking, and custom branding available, our stations exceed guest expectations.

Incognito Mode

Toggle to see incognito or monetised modes.

Free Ejections

Offer self-serve powerbanks to your guests for free, remove all payment related material.

No App, No Tracking

The Mastercharge app is not used in ghost mode. Skip download times and app sign-in.

Scan Direct from Camera

Scan the qr code directly from the camera to eject a powerbank and start charging your device with the built in cables.

Paid Ejections

In regular mode, rental powerbank users are charged a metered amount and a fee for non-returnal.

App Tracking

The Mastercharge App is used to track powerbank usage data, and is required to operate our machines.

Scan from the App

Use the app ‘rent’ button to scan the ejection QR code and start charging your device with the built in cables.

Frequently Asked Questions

Having pre-booked you will be able to access the lockers as many times as you wish during
the festival.

The locker will be suitable for charging all mobile devices, gadgets and accessories the only limitation will be locker size which is -

150mm x 150mm x 300mm

A Secure locker space, inside includes a 3-pin socket for plugging in devices and two USB-C fast charge ports.

No the wristbands are free and you can collect them on the day from the Mastercharge
activation stand.

Absolutely, the lockers are made from steel, have secure lock mechanisms and will be
staffed by a professional security team.

Although you could fit more in the locker we are limiting each locker to a maximum of 3 devices.

How big is your battery?
From our experience, it will take approximately 3 hours to recharge a 10,000mah battery.

Mastercharge will be present in all areas of the show, Campsite North, Campsite South,
Premium Lounge, VIP Lounge.
All lockers will be located in the campsite, below is the amount available, It is on a first come
first serve basis.
100 Lockers in the North
400 Lockers in the South

Power your next event with us.

We work with clients to ensure flexible solutions tailored to your event needs.