Invisible Wireless Charging | Hidden Induction Charger

Mastercharge Invisible ®

The world's most POWERFUL wireless charger

Invisible Wireless Charging
 Invisible Wireless Charging
Hidden Induction Charger

Innovation of the year award

Our techonlogy has already been implemented with many well-recongosed brands across the globe. Unlike other induction charging soltions we can customise our software to meet more than just charging goals. 

Boost Online Reviews / NPS Scores

Improve Customer Loyalty

Increase Social Media Interaction

Drive Traffic To App or Website

Send Device Notifcaitons For Promotions 


20 x More Powerful
Battery Protection
Fast Charge

Give Charge, Get Reviews

Phone Charging Solutions For Business
Mastercharge Data IoT

Understand Your Customers

Push more customers to your venue, Boost repeat customers, Increase revenue per customer.

1 Customer Needs Charge
2 Customer Finds You
3 Learn About Your Customers
4 Engage With Customers
5 Boost Positive Reviews
1 Customer Needs Charge

MasterMap Find A Phone Charger

2 Customer Finds You

Find Your Nearest Mastercharge Station

3 Learn About Your Customers

Mastercharge Invisible Charging

4 Engage With Customers

Mastercharge Notification Wireless

5 Boost Positive Reviews

How To Get Better Trip Advisor Reviews

Mastercharge Wireless Charger

With multi protect sensors ensure total protection for you and your devices. This includes overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, overcharge, overdischarge, foreign object detection and has short-circuit protection.Built-in over-charging and over temperature circuit protection, never overcharges your battery or wastes energy. CE, RoHS, FCC certified.

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