HyMENU | Self Service Ordering System EPOS

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View Menu – Order – Pay – Review

Offer this for all tables and reduce contact by upto 50%

Display Menu To Customer

Allow customers to instantly access your menu from their device.

Customer Orders From Table

Order can be placed directly from the table and then pinged to your EPOS system and kitchen.

Customer Pays From Device

Customers can then check the bill and pay from their mobile device to even further reduce contact.

Long Range Wireless Charger
Wireless Charger Hidden In Worktop
Hidden Induction Charger For Marble
Reduce Risk

With each wipe down activation points on all tables, this is the most Hygenic menu option available.

Reduce Contact

u003cpu003eUnderstand and learn more about your customers and reward them with your loyalty program. Send notifications to remind them when they have earned their free coffee.u003c/pu003en

Reduce Cost

HyMENU will not only save you money on disposable menus but it will also reduce your carbon footprint to help save the planet at the same time.

Future Proof Your Business

Unlike other induction charging solutions we can customise our software to meet more than just your charging goals.

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Join The Revolution

Our technology has already been implemented with many well recognised brands across the globe.



Custom Countertop Vinyl

To suit your brand or environment.

Induction Charger For Granite
Induction Charger For Marble
Wireless Charger For Stone