Induction Charging For Business

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Boost Positive Online Reviews

Offer wireless charging at your venue and help boost your positive online reviews and internal net promoter score (NPS)

Increase Social Media Interactions

Offering Mastercharge in your business has been proven to help increase your social media interactions.

Drive App Downloads

Our technology can be personalised to suit your brand and the companies targets we can help drive App downloads, connect more customers to your WIFI or encourage social media following the options are endless.

Long Range Wireless Charger
Wireless Charger Hidden In Worktop
Hidden Induction Charger For Marble

Future Proof Your Business

Unlike other induction charging solutions we can customise our software to meet more than just your charging goals.

Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty

Understand and learn more about your customers and reward them with your loyalty program. Send notifications to remind them when they have earned their free coffee.

Order From Table

Allow customers to order food or drinks directly to their table, our technology can be intergarted into most current epos systems.

Send Notifications

Send notifcations, promotions directly to your customers device. Keep them upto date with whats happening.

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Join The Revolution

Our technology has already been implemented with many well recognised brands across the globe.

Custom Countertop Vinyl

To suit your brand or environment.

Induction Charger For Granite
Induction Charger For Marble
Wireless Charger For Stone