Mastercharge specialises in invisible wireless charging. Our award-winning technology is a fast-charge hidden induction charger that has been designed and developed to be installed to the underside of your tables, bars or worktops – therefore will not damage or affect the appearance and is incredibly easy to retro fit.

Award Winning Technology

Our award-winning long-range induction charger is now fully compatible with HYMENU

Fast Charge Wireless Charger

Mastercharge Invisible® now offers an outstanding and safe fast charge wirelessly protecting you and your battery.

Long Range Wireless Charger

Our long-distance wireless charger can wirelessly charge up to a breathtaking 30mm distance.

600+ Compatible Devices

Our Long-range wireless charger is compatible with all QI wireless charging devices.

Super Hygienic

With easy flat wipe down surfaces, this removes the hygiene issue.

Painless Install

Install your hidden wireless charger in less than 5 minutes.

Long Range Wireless Charger
Long Distance Wireless Charger

The new Mastercharge Invsible® range is the future of charging - currently supporting all QI enabled wireless charging phones and other smart gadgets. Our technology is incredibly popular in smart homes, with many clients wanting a wireless charger for their kitchen, bedside table, or home office. Find out how induction charging can help your business.

Award Winning Powerful Wireless Charger

Our long-range wireless charger has a breath-taking charge distance of up to 30mm, so it can be installed easily to both current and new furniture, without any invasive or damaging alterations. Long-Range wireless charging means no holes need to be drilled into your furniture, this removes all the nooks and crannies, where bacteria would usually build up: leaving you with an easy wipe-down surface and the most hygienic wireless charging solution on the market.

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Mastercharge X

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Long Distance Induction Charger
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