Why Choose Long Range Wireless Charging?

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Long Range Wireless Charging With Mastercharge Invisible®

The Key Benefits To Long Distance Wireless Charging

Award Winning Technology
Compatible With 300+ Devices
Upto 40mm Charge Distance
Why Long Range Wireless Charging Is The Future

Hygiene is now a superb benefit for long range wireless charging – also known as long range induction charging. Before the global pandemic people were choosing long distance wireless chargers because of it’s breathtaking ease of install and esthetically pleasing finish. This is because the hidden induction charger is installed to the underside of your worktop without the need to drill holes or create pockets.

Only recently fast-charge has become available for long-distance wireless charging. Mastercharge Invsible® has an amazing 30mm charge distance that can even penetrate stone with its long distance wireless charging signal. We have already provided our award-winning long range induction charging technology to many fabulous well-recognised brands across the globe. With no raised surface or damaged worktops, this leaves you with an outstanding finish and easy to wipedown surface to help prevent any bacteria build-up.

Long Range Wireless Charger
Wireless Charging Through Marble
Wireless Charger For Airpods

Easy Wipe Down Surfaces

Easy Install

Install Within 5 Minutes


Long Range With Fast-Charge

Hidden Induction Charger Bedside Table
Hidden Wireless Charger For Kitchen
Hidden Wireless Charger Bedside Table

Custom Countertop Vinyl

To suit your brand or enviroment.

Induction Charger For Granite
Induction Charger For Marble
Wireless Charger For Stone