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Recharge with us at KBB Birmingham

This year's KBB event looks to bring the best in the UK kitchen, bedroom and bathroom industry. We have natural relationships with many great partners within this sector and therefore are thrilled to be invited back to provide convenient charging to ensure an uninterrupted experience for all attendees, along with showcasing our Invisible® Wireless Chargers and S Series Range hands-on.

A perfect match for Kitchens and Living Spaces

Our discreet wireless charging integrates flawlessly with kitchen aesthetics. Partnering with leading brands for QI-enabled devices like phones, speakers, and headphones, we develop easy solutions to add unparalleled functionality to household work surfaces, eliminating the need for pop sockets. Mastercharge, trusted by industry leaders, offers our globally specified Invisible technology for effortless integration by independent kitchen designers.

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Powering Top Artists with TourLife

We recently supplied TourLife with custom-branded S8000 power bank chargers, ensuring uninterrupted power on the go for their touring artists. Our sleek and reliable chargers embody TourLife's commitment to convenience, providing essential energy for their clients' devices during their travels. Our partnership with TourLife reflects our shared values in premium quality and seamless functionality. 

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The latest additions to our S Series - Powerbanks that pack a punch

Hearing a demand from our customers for a powerbank solution that can cater for the most demanding scenarios we bring a new addition to our S Series. Ensuring your larger devices never lose power and hinder productivity, our new SC powerbanks are built to supply greater wattage and house an unmatched battery capacity.

Unparalleled functionality at Surface Design Show 2024

We were delighted to return to the Surface Design Show for its 2024 event, bringing our S Series charging stations and Invisible wireless charging solutions. Besides ensuring an uninterrupted experience for attendees, we also had amazing interactions with many of you about our Invisible Charging range. With such stunning surfaces being shown at the show, we rest easy knowing that our Invisible wireless chargers will never get in the way of design. Easy-to-install Invisible wireless charging doesn’t require intrusive porting of substrates and leaves the ultimate seamless finish - allowing us to partner with the best surface manufacturers to continue developing beautiful worktops and letting us deliver functionality to match customers' modern power needs

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