Mastercharge Sustainability Policy

At Mastercharge, we are committed to driving sustainability and environmental responsibility in our technology business. Our vision is to achieve complete sustainability, prioritising resource neutrality and social responsibility in all aspects of our production and operations. We acknowledge that this is an ambitious goal, but we are dedicated to continuously improve and work towards it every day.

1. Environmental Innovation

We are dedicated to reducing emissions and conserving natural resources through innovative product development and design. We actively seek eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient production processes, and waste-reduction techniques in our wireless chargers and power banks. This includes researching and implementing sustainable materials, such as PLA plastics derived from old fishing nets pulled from the ocean, for our products whenever possible.

2. Recycled Materials

Mastercharge is committed to using recycled materials to reduce our environmental impact. We actively collaborate with suppliers and partners to incorporate recycled materials, including ocean-pulled PLA plastics, into our products. We encourage and support initiatives for the collection and recycling of electronic waste, making efforts to minimise our contribution to electronic waste streams.

3. Waste Management

We strive to minimise waste generation and maximise resource utilisation at every stage of our production. This includes proper disposal and recycling of electronic components and materials. We are committed to working with recycling facilities and disposal experts to ensure that our products are managed responsibly at the end of their life cycle.

4. Energy Efficiency

Mastercharge is dedicated to energy-efficient operations. We continuously improve our production processes to reduce energy consumption and minimise our carbon footprint. We also encourage energy-efficient practices in our offices and facilities.

5. Product Durability

We design our wireless chargers and power banks to be long-lasting, high-quality products that offer excellent performance and durability. We are committed to producing products that can withstand the test of time, which reduces the need for frequent replacements and minimises waste.

6. Environmental Awareness

We foster a culture of environmental awareness and responsibility among our employees. We provide training and resources to ensure that all employees understand and support our sustainability goals.

7. Compliance with Regulations

Mastercharge is committed to complying with all relevant environmental laws and regulations in the regions where we operate. We actively monitor and adapt our policies and practices to align with evolving environmental standards and best practices.

8. Global E-Waste Challenge

Annually, an estimated 51,000 tonnes of cable and charger e-waste find their way into landfills, propelled by the vast global smartphone user base of over 3.5 billion. Alarmingly, only 12.5% of this waste is recycled. That’s not acceptable — and it’s time for change.

Mastercharge is an innovative electronics company dedicated to redefining the recharge experience for a greener planet and removing the need to have the correct cable to hand. We are renowned for our Original Invisible® and S Series charging solutions, which cater to both smart homes and the commercial sector.

By adopting and promoting these sustainability principles, Mastercharge aims to be a responsible and eco-conscious technology business. We believe that by embracing sustainable practices, we can contribute to a healthier environment and a brighter future for our planet and communities.