Original Invisible®

Long Distance Wireless Charging

Our Technology

Mastercharge Invisible® revolutionizes wireless charging by discreetly powering up your customers' devices and enabling engaging brand interaction. Our skilled in-house design team seamlessly incorporates QR codes or NFC (near-field communication) solutions into the surface design, connecting customers to apps, websites, or menus. With Mastercharge, your commercial furnishings transform into dynamic platforms that enhance the functionality and vitality of your space. Say goodbye to lifeless wood and embrace the transformative power of Mastercharge!

Engineer the best wireless charger.

Hidden Wireless Charger | Design

We have carefully designed and thoroughly tested our award-winning technology to enable wireless charging through various materials. With Mastercharge Invisible® technology, you can enjoy the convenience of an under-desk wireless charger seamlessly integrated into your surfaces, providing a clean and polished finish. Experience the freedom of wire-free charging with our innovative solution.

Bespoke Wiring Options

5-30mm Charge Distance

1000s Of Compatible Surfaces

Up To 15W Fast-Charge

API Integration

Mastercharge has developed a series of APIs that enable seamless integration of our charging solutions into your business. We offer the flexibility to integrate with your existing application or create a dedicated portal within the official Mastercharge application.