Powerbank Charging Station

Rental Powerbank Charge Station

Matercharge Lockbox

Our Mastercharge Powerbank Charge Station. Is the ultimate anti-theft soultion. If you are looking to offer powerbanks to hire or loan out, the Mastercharge Lockbox has you covered. We can support with bespoke software solutions to intergrate the rental powerbank station into your existing application.

Keep Your Audience Fully Charged

Keeping your audience juiced up is more important than ever before. Customers rely on their devices for navigation, communication, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. So don't disconnect them.

55" Advertising Screen

Deliver messages, announcements, CTAs or simply advertise to your clients on this stunning anti-vandal 55" LG display.

Anti-Theft | Anti-Vandal Design

The most secure rental powerbank charging station on the market. You will not have any powerbanks stolen from the Mastercharge lockbox. Non-returned powerbank rentals will auto charge if required.

For Business

24 or 48 Power Banks

The Mastercharge Powerbank Charging Station has been designed so you can offer a power bank rental service from your venue or establishment.

This can easily be customised to suit your brand and vision. Our rental charge station uses cutting-edge technology so you can receive payments for the power bank hire. It can also be set up for data capture. We can integrate this into your existing applications and power banks can be issued free of charge if required.

Each power bank has 3 built-in cables covering all bases.

  • Apple Lightening Cable
  • USB-C Cable
  • Micro USB

The power bank charge station is available in several sizes our most popular being the 24 and 48 stations. They are designed to a high standard to avoid vandalism and have explosion-proof LG screens.

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