Power Banks for Business

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Mastercharge Chargers For Business

Become Part Of The Customer Service Revolution...

Mastercharge Lite is a tool that will help boost your online reviews, recommendations and increase average spend per customer.

Business Branded Powerbanks

Supporting USB-C, Micro USB and Lightning Cables.

With Mastercharge Lite you can be sure to satisfy most as we offer USB-C, Micros USB and Lightning cables with these power banks.

Charge Up to 10 Devices

With Mastercharge Lite you can charge up to 10 devices at one time. Meaning you'll have 10 customers, 10 times more likely to leave a positive review about their experience at your business.

Built In Cable

Each power bank has a built in cable which has an anti theft ring to prevent anyone from stealing the cable.

Turbo Charge

We understand you might not want to have clients sat down for a long time charging their devices. This is why all Mastercharge products support turbo charge. This means we deliver the power in the fastest yet safest way possible giving 30% charge in as little as 15 minutes.

Give Charge, Get Reviews

With the help of the Mastercharge App we will support you getting more 5 star reviews.

Mastercharge Data IoT

‘Low Battery Anxiety’

Nine out of Ten people “felt panic” when their phone battery drops to 20 percent or lower.

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Powerbank For Businesses
Mastercharge Powerbanks For Business
Power Banks For Business

Mastercharge Business Power Banks

The sleek design of Mastercharge allows you to charge 10 power banks simultaneously in the docking station, meaning only one power cable is needed.

During charging, each LED light represents 25%. One LED: 25% charged; two LEDs: 50% charged; three LEDs: 75% charged; and four LEDs 100% charged.

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