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Why keep your audience connected?

Social Engagement
The future standard in customer offerings


In today's connected world, staying powered up is essential. That's why our power bank charging stations are a valuable addition to any venue or event, ensuring you stay connected wherever you go.

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New learning needs power.


In the modern educational landscape, technology is essential for facilitating the learning process. From digital textbooks to online research tools, students and staff members rely on their devices to stay connected and engaged, making technology a crucial component of education.

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Let our app take care of the hard work.

The Mastercharge App provides convenient and effortless access to power, allowing you to initiate charging quickly and efficiently manage your charging needs. The user-friendly interface ensures smooth control over your device's power requirements. Additionally, our MasterMap feature utilizes QR code scanning to help you locate nearby Mastercharge charging stations. Our S Range actively caters to your audience's charging requirements, offering a reliable and valuable service. The app is a helpful guide, directing new users to your venue when they require a charge. Experience the seamless integration of our app and charge stations, delivering a comprehensive self-serve experience tailored to your convenience.


Advertising Displays

By strategically placing the Mastercharge S series in a prominent position, you can solve the recharge conundrum while leveraging it as a highly effective advertising and interactive screen for your venue. Equipped with the latest HD LCD screen technology from our trusted partner LG, it delivers stunning visuals and engaging experiences for your customers.