The Future Of Wireless Charging Is Here...

Mastercharge Fast Charge Wireless Charger QI

Wireless charging has been around for several years, but using a traditional charger was always a faster, more reliable option.  Still, the fastest wireless charger falls behind the fastest cable, however that is due to change in the very near future.. Technological advances could make wireless charging a more more viable option.

Currently, compatible Samsung and LG phones charge at 15 watts while the latest editions of the iPhone charging at 10 watts. A company called Mastercharge based in the UK  has created a wireless charging standard that could change the game completely. They have developed a wireless charging solution for businesses that is 20 times more powerful than what is on the market.

QI Wireless Charging has always had the issue of needing pin point accuracy for the phone to charge. With this new design Mastercharge have claimed you can place your phone anywhere and it will charge.  This is leaps and bounds better than current speeds and is due to be released this Christmas.

Gadgets have already become compatible to the technology . But speeds will slowly start to ramp up over that period of time.

Over the air or long-distance charging might also become a reality. Since this form of charging uses radio frequencies, it needs to be approved by the FCC first.

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