16/08/2009 - Trained By The Best

Five years later, after much training and with an increasing understanding of the technology world, a position was offered to Daniel by Vodafone UK to join the UK’s most valuable brand, as an Assistant Sales Manager.

An opportunity then presented itself to join Vodafone’s flagship store in Harrods (Knightsbridge, London). Within six months of moving to London,  talent was recognised and he was put on a fast track management programme within Harrods, where he soon became a floor manager of the technology department. During his time working for Harrods, Daniel was awarded several certifications for completing a series of programmes – delivered by Harrods, who pride themselves on the highest level of customer service. Shortly after being recognised by Michael Ward, director of Harrods, for his level of service, Daniel had to leave London due to his father being involved in a near-fatal car crash.