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Mastercharge has been developing a wireless charging solution over the past few years, driven primarily by the needs of coffee shops, hotels, and restaurants. In today's world, one of the main factors that can make customers want to leave early or feel uneasy is the lack of charge on their phones.

Over the years, you have likely noticed an increasing number of people approaching you to inquire about charging their phones on your premises. Alternatively, if you haven't received direct requests, you must have observed the high demand for the seats adjacent to power points in your establishment. It serves as clear evidence that customers highly value access to charging facilities.

What if you could provide power at every table without relying on a mains power supply? Imagine having wireless chargers discreetly installed into your furniture, seamlessly blending with its appearance, all without any intrusive drilling or modifications.

Mastercharge Invislbe®

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Mastercharge Invisible® solutions not only provide power to your customers' devices discreetly from below but also offer an innovative way to engage with your brand. Transform your hidden charging points into direct digital portals for your customers. Incorporate QR codes or NFC (near-field communication) solutions into the surface design, granting your customers instant access to websites, menus, and other relevant information. With Mastercharge Invisible®, your commercial furnishings are no longer static objects but dynamic assets ready to enhance the customer experience!